Tips for Success: Applying for a Grant

Adaptive sports equipment can be expensive, especially when you begin to compete at a higher level and require more specialized sports wheelchairs. Applying for grants is one way to get the funding you need, but the space can be competitive. Your application needs to be the best it can be to get the funds you need to compete.

grants for sports wheelchairs

You’ve read our tips on finding funding for adaptive sports wheelchairs and handcycles, right?

Now keep reading to increase your chances of having your grant application accepted.

Research the funders before you apply for a grant

You can up the odds of being awarded a grant by researching the funders of the grant you are applying for. By incorporating their mission statement into your own, you can show that you align with their same beliefs and goals. Detail what you can do for the organization based on their goals.

Write a high-quality letter

Your letter is one of the most important parts of your application. Write an honest and compelling letter that shares your story and explains how the product you’re seeking will improve your quality of life. Give information on your background before going into your goals. Ask friends and family to review the letter for feedback.

Read all grant instructions carefully

Funders can have varying application requirements so make sure you read each carefully. Don’t let your hard work be denied because you forgot to send in a document. Enlist a friend to review your applications so you can have a second pair of eyes on your work.

Send a thank you letter after you apply for a grant

Whether you receive funding or not, send a thank you letter to the funders. This sends a clear message that you appreciate the funders reviewing your application and it puts you in the forefront of their minds the next time you apply for a grant.

Only apply for grants for which you’re qualified

Grants take a considerable amount of time to complete. Put all your focus into the grants that have requirements you can meet. Read the guidelines for each grant closely to make sure you’re eligible to win.

Apply to multiple funders

As the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs into one basket. Apply to as many grants as you are qualified for to up your odds of actually winning one. As mentioned, pay attention to the requirements for each and make sure you apply appropriately.

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