Invacare Top End Pro Tennis Wheelchair

The Invacare Top End Pro Tennis Wheelchair is designed for aspiring athletes who want durability and quick, easy adjustments—all at a great price.  It is a great chair for other sports too including softball, badminton and even dancing! Adjustments that can take up to four hours in other chairs take only 15 minutes in the Pro Tennis Wheelchair. Plus, it is so easy to order that you only need to measure seat width and depth, and select a wheelbase and wheel size using our handy guides plus pick a color. The Invacare Top End Pro Tennis Wheelchair is available in two frame choices: a tall frame for adults and a short frame for children to accommodate any aspiring athlete.

This chair features a fully welded aluminum base frame with fixed camber which gives it the same stiffness and durability as our elite Invacare® Top End® T5 7000 Series Tennis Wheelchair. It also includes high performance sports wheels, high pressure clincher tires, quick release axles, adjustable height fixed swivel anti-tip with a 59mm fifth wheel and our smart fork caster system equipped with super hard 72mm front casters.

But what sets this chair apart from every tennis chair out there is the super quick adjustability. You can adjust it between matches with our exclusive quick release rear seat height adjustment system. This chair also has adjustable front seat height, center of gravity, back height/angle, back upholstery and footrest positioning: forward/backwards and up/down. Everyone is buzzing about this adjustable platform footrest that delivers the perfect foot position, whether you like to tuck them way back or not, plus it has a toe stop and strap to secure your feet.

Need one more advantage? Our seat rail extensions help deliver the ultimate backhand.

Advantage: Invacare Top End Pro Tennis Wheelchair.

For ordering help, please refer to the FAQs which will lead you to our great help desk. The Help Desk has answers to most questions in one handy location and can guide you through the measurement process plus help you figure out the best options. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to click the “How to Buy” tab. We would love to help you.

Weight Capacity: 250 lb. / approx. 113 kg.

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