Invacare Top End Force-3 Handcycle with Cross Country Options

The Invacare Top End Force-3 Handcycle features a wrap-around frame design, an upgraded cable driven parking brake and upper chain ring derailleur plus disk brakes all at a great price!

If you are interested in riding on trails or more off-road, just add the knobby tire set, short trunk powered backrest and the Cross Country V Crank option (with gears well suited to climbing) to your order.

This is the perfect hand cycle if you are just looking to get started in handcycling, ride on cross-country trails or want to do entry-level competition. It is painted in a contemporary flat black color, appropriately named “Stealth Black” and available in either 15″ or 17″seat widths.

The wrap-around frame is sleek and stiff with more ground clearance and a 9″ transfer seat height. A reclining aerodynamic back rest is standard. The 26-559 wheel size offers many tire choices from high-performance road tires to cruiser tires or even knobby tires. The best thing is that they are commonly available at bicycle shops. The front disk brake delivers super controlled braking power and the cable driven parking brake is operated using just one hand.

There isn’t a handcycle on the market with these great features and quality for less. It has 27 speeds, high-performance wheels, Shimano® components and is totally adjustable. Plus it comes with a safety flag, chain guard, seat and back cushions, seat straps, drafting bumper and a disk brake. Many other options are available and the installation instructions are easy to follow.

It is also a great handcycle for clubs, schools and teams. The Force-3 Handcycle ships in 5 days and assembly is required, but for a small fee, we can do it for you. You can review the assembly instructions under the color chart link.  So GET CRANKING.

For ordering help, please refer to the FAQs which will lead you to our great help desk. The Help Desk has answers to most questions in one handy location and can guide you through the measurement process plus help you figure out the best options. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to click the “How to Buy” tab. We would love to help you.

Weight Capacity: 250 lb. / approx. 113 kg.

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