How to Raise Money for Your Child’s Sports Wheelchair

Investing in your child’s adaptive sports equipment can be expensive. But whether they are involved in competitive sports or just want to have fun on a bike, you can make the right equipment happen with some creativity and energy. Through sources like grants and fundraising, your child may be able to get the adaptive sports equipment that improves their quality of life.

funding for adaptive sports equipment


Crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe are a convenient way to raise money for your child’s sports wheelchair. It’s easy to start a fundraiser, create a goal, and post it to your social media accounts.

Encourage your friends to share it out, too. When crowdfunding, the more people who see the campaign, the more money you’ll raise. A single Facebook share can lead to more donations.

Community Fundraisers

It may sound like a lot of work to host a fundraiser, but the time you put in may give back a huge reward. Working with local restaurants, you can host low-cost fundraisers that could bring in a large amount of proceeds.

Contact local schools and churches to see if they are willing to help. Even simple activities like a lemonade stand may help bring in a significant portion of the cost. Your child can even host the event themself!

Grants from Organizations

Try applying for funding from organizations in the community. You’ll need to put in time for the application process, but receiving a grant is an amazing opportunity. We’ve written a guide to finding funding that may make the lengthy process easier.

Tips for receiving funding from organizations:

– Apply to more than one funder to increase your odds.
– Read the instructions for each funding source carefully. They usually differ in their requirements.
– When filling out the paperwork, be clear and concise.
– If you have any questions, call the funder! It will save you time and stop you from making any mistakes.
– Send a thank you letter to the funder whether you receive funding or not.

Here are a few national funders that support adaptive sports:

Athletes Helping Athletes Foundation provides adaptive bicycles and handcycles for children.

Challenged Athletes Foundation provides adaptive sports equipment, coaching and competition expenses.

Kelly Brush Foundation provides adaptive sports equipment for people with paralysis.

Save the Kid Fund provides adaptive bicycles to children.

Disabled Sports USA and the Diana Golden Opportunity Fund supports adaptive skiing.

Obie Harriton-Howes Foundation supports funding of sports wheelchairs.

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation supports recreational and mobility devices for persons diagnosed with MS.

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Many of the tips above were acquired from The Funding Guide for Children with Disabilities by Tamara Simmons, a free guide sponsored by Invacare Top End Wheelchair.