Where can I try a handcycle?

The best place to try a handcycle is at an Abilities Expo, organized handcycle event, race, or at one of the handcycle test centers located in the USA. There are also organizations that have a fleet of handcycles available to try. These organizations include Adapted Adventures, National Abilities Center, RAMP, BORP and Achilles Track Club. If you fill out the Contact Us form, we can get back to you on options nearby.

Because there are SO many FAQs about this great sport of handcycling we put them all in one place for you. Our help desk’s Find Your Sport section contains information on getting started and organizations that can help. Under Invacare® Top End®  Handcycles: Recreation you can learn about the health benefits of handcycling, the different types of handcycles, watch a video of how to transfer in and out plus how to be safe on the road!

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