What is the weight limit on Invacare® Top End® products?

Most of our products have a weight limit of 250 pounds or approximately 113 kg. There are several models like the Invacare® Top End® Excelerator™ handcycle which has a 350 pound weight limit plus our Invacare® Top End® Terminator® Everyday and Invacare® Top End® Schulte 7000 Series BB Wheelchairs have a heavy duty option.  

What is the warranty on Invacare Top End products?

Each product model has a specific warranty which is explained in the detailed owner’s manuals. These owner’s manuals are uploaded under each model in the Our Chairs section and also in our Help Desk section.

Are Invacare Top End products made in the USA?

Yes almost all of the Invacare® Top End® products are handcrafted and built one at a time in our factory located in Pinellas Park, Florida. Our stocked models such as the Invacare® Top End® Pro™-2 All Sport Wheelchair, Invacare® Top End® Excelerator™ Stock handcycle and our Invacare® Top End® Force™-3 Handcycle are made in Taiwan.

How can I buy a new product and parts?

Aftermarket parts are easy to order with our experienced customer service team and can be ordered directly from Invacare Top End. Please see the Parts and Replacement Section in the Resource Center. We sell Invacare Top End products through authorized Invacare Providers. Many customers buy their product locally to ensure that measurements are completed in-person… Read more »

Is there a wheelchair available so you can play more than one sport?

Yes, the Invacare® Top End® Pro™-2 All Sport Wheelchair is a great wheelchair not only for basketball, but tennis, softball, badminton, floor hockey or any sport played on a hard surface. There also is a Freewheel 5K attachment that allows you to participate in a short road race. Because there are SO many FAQs about… Read more »

Where can I try a handcycle?

The best place to try a handcycle is at an Abilities Expo, organized handcycle event, race, or at one of the handcycle test centers located in the USA. There are also organizations that have a fleet of handcycles available to try. These organizations include Adapted Adventures, National Abilities Center, RAMP, BORP and Achilles Track Club…. Read more »

How is wheelchair tennis played?

Wheelchair tennis is played basically the same as able-bodied tennis except that the wheelchair tennis player gets two bounces instead of one. Because there are SO many FAQs about this great sport we put them all in one place for you. Our help desk’s Find Your Sport section contains information on getting started, the rules… Read more »

Why do athletes like handcycling and what drives them to compete?

We asked Team Invacare’s Matt Updike this question at the Invacare Top End Euro American Handcycle Championship race.  A member of the current USA Paracycling team and 2012 Paralympian tells you why in this video. Because there are SO many FAQs about this great sport of handcycling we put them all in one place for you. Our help… Read more »