Choosing the Right Sports Chair for Kids

Sports empower children to stay mentally and physically healthy. Physical activity keeps kids active, builds confidence, and introduces them to new friends. Despite knowing the importance of physical activity for children with disabilities, it can be difficult to decide which type of sports wheelchair to buy.

Before you invest in a chair, you might wonder if it’s worth it to spend money on a chair they might grow out of, or whether they will stick with the sport long enough to use it.

Choosing the Right Sports Chair for Kids

We’ll help you make this important decision.

When deciding what sports chair to choose for a child, consider the sport they’ll play, how often, and the level of expertise. Think about whether they are playing with friends and family, or through a club or team.

Once you’ve answered those questions, consider the following to choose the right sports chair for your child.

First, take our quiz.

If your child does not have a particular sport in mind, take our quiz! It’s a fun way to get an idea of what sport might be appropriate. Don’t take the results too seriously, if your child has a different sport in mind go for it! You never know what they’ll love to play.

If they’ll be playing sports just for fun…

Try out the Invacare® Top End® Pro™-2 All Sport Wheelchair. This is the perfect sports chair to use for any sport played on a court – such as basketball, tennis, or softball. This makes it ideal for children who want to experiment with multiple sports. The chair is adjustable and ready to go right out of the box!

If they want to try handcycling…

Then they’ll want to check out our handcycle developed specifically for children and those with smaller frames, the Invacare® Top End® Li’l Excelerator™-2 Handcycle. This chair’s design makes it easy for children to use. It’s lower to the ground, completely adjustable, and it’s equipped with a reverse coaster brake for safe cycling.

If they’ll be playing sports competitively…

The right chair can make all the difference. Children involved in competitive sports benefit from a custom fitting. We can help your child find the perfect chair for their sport and experience level. You can contact us through our website or by giving us a call. Everything you need to know can be found by clicking here.

Find your wheels!

If you’re still not sure which chair is best for your child, use our Find Your Wheels generator. We’ll ask about which sports your child plays, and at what level. Then we’ll recommend the chairs that are most appropriate.

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