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6 Wheelchair-Friendly Kid’s Attractions in the US

When you’re looking for something fun to do with the whole family, we know that planning a vacation when you have a child who uses a wheelchair requires a little more research than may typically be required. You not only have to make considerations for wheelchair accessibility as a whole, but you want to make… Read more »

Manual Wheelchair Travel Tips By Land, Sea, and Air

Traveling is a wonderful opportunity to experience new places, people, foods and should be fun, right? Challenges of traveling with a wheelchair or other adaptive devices could put a damper on things if you’re not prepared. If you plan ahead, the hassles can be minimized. Here are some quick tips.

How Handcycling Helped My Recovery

By Mary Carol Peterson, Occupational Therapist On January 29, 2009 I was in an accident. I had a crushed vertebrae at L2, a broken pelvis in four places, a grade 2 separated right shoulder and a smashed knee. I was so lucky though, because my spinal cord was still intact and I had no paralysis…. Read more »