Basketball Wheelchairs: Which One is Right for You?

Just as other sports require participants to use certain equipment and skills, wheelchair sports require a certain set of equipment and skills. Whether you are a beginner looking to start playing wheelchair basketball, advanced in your skills, or even a professional, we can help you choose the wheelchair that is right for you.

Beginner – Invacare® Top End® Pro™-2 All Sport Wheelchair


• Adjustability and versatility make the Invacare Top End Pro-2 All Sport Wheelchair the perfect choice for adaptive sports programs.

• The wheelchair can be used to play multiple sports including badminton, basketball, floor hockey, softball, and tennis.

• Great for new athletes who want to try different sports.

• Key sport options are included so you can start playing right away.

• Available in three seat widths.

Advanced – Invacare® Top End® Pro™ Basketball Wheelchair


• Designed for aspiring basketball athletes.

• Durable, but with the ability to make adjustments.

• Adjustments can be made to the front and rear seat height, center of gravity, back height, and footrest position.

• Easy order form helps you select the right rear wheel size, wheelbase, and camber.

Professional – Invacare® Top End® Schulte™ 7000 Series Basketball Wheelchair


• Fast, light, and strong for elite level wheelchair basketball players.

• To maximize performance, the wheelchair features 7000 series aluminum material, precision head-tube design, and an axle securing system.

• Designed by Paul Schulte, Paralympic wheelchair basketball player.

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