The people at Invacare Top End are an experienced team. Paul Schulte helps lead our great team with the same passion and drive as he does on the basketball court using his design engineer experience to deliver products that will help you perform at your best and achieve your goals. As a three-time Paralympic wheelchair basketball player, he knows first hand how important this is. Dan Showman is in charge of our manufacturing facility with over 15 years of experience producing complex rehab products at Invacare and is dedicated to manufacturing your chair or handcycle absolutely perfect for you. Katrina Piparo and our exceptional customer service team will go the extra mile to help you, no matter what. Meet our Invacare Top End employees who make your custom chair a reality. We couldn’t do it without our experienced fabrication and welding, upholstery and assembly teams.

photo of Liz Wang

Liz Wang

Liz joined the Customer Service team in 2016 after moving to the US from China. Liz is driven and has a noteworthy attention to detail. She always does whatever it takes to ensure all of her Customers needs are met. Call today and speak with Liz and get exceptional Customer Service.

photo of Dan Showman

Dan Showman

Dan Showman has spent the last 15 years working for Invacare in the disciplines of Management, IT, Process Engineering and Continuous Improvement and puts all of that great experience into practice here at Invacare Top End. He has had an opportunity to work with many prescription rehab product lines from High-End Custom Power-Chairs, Folding Manual Chairs, Rigid Tilt-In-Space and now Invacare Top End sports products, which is awesome for us. He is continuously looking for ways to improve the manufacturing processes, information flow and the overall customer experience.

photo of Paul Schulte

Paul Schulte

Not only is Paul Schulte our Engineering Manager for Invacare Top End, he has also played on the USA National Men’s Wheelchair Basketball team for many years. Paul spends a lot of time in the field competing and interacting with the most elite athletes in many different sports. He loves talking with the athletes and getting their feedback on product performance and design. Paul is always willing to go the extra mile to help an athlete get the perfect fitting chair!

photo of Katrina Piparo

Katrina Piparo

Katrina Piparo has always worked in customer service and thrives on helping people, especially people who need our products due to their circumstances of dealing with a life changing disease or accident. She loves to research and will do whatever it takes to find the right answer, solution or product for our customers.

photo of Terri Peat

Terri Peat

Terri has many years of customer service experience and specializes in helping people with diverse medical needs. She is compassionate and gives personal attention to each and every customer. She loves to work with our customers and for the opportunity to assist others reach their goals.

photo of Bob McCown

Bob McCown

Bob helps Paul with implementing new designs through the entire manufacturing and fabrication processes in the factory. He also lights up a torch and can weld anything you put in front of him from titanium, aluminum or chrome-moly.  They don’t call him “Bob the Builder” for nothing.

photo of Fab and Welding

Fab and Welding

  • Behind the Scenes

We couldn’t do what we do without this awesome production team to fabricate and weld our great Invacare Top End products to your exact specifications. Some of our seasoned fabricators and welders have been with Invacare for more than 40 years.

2015 Fab Weld


photo of Upholstery


  • Behind the Scenes

Our experienced team sews customized upholstery for all of our Invacare Top End products.


photo of Assembly and Shipping

Assembly and Shipping

  • Behind the Scenes

Our amazing assembly team puts every product together with only the best precision tools and hands it over to the shipping department to get your Invacare Top End product and/or aftermarket parts on it’s way to you as quickly as possible.