Invacare Top End’s production facility first opened in 1992. Since then, the Pinellas Park, Florida facility has expanded to accommodate increased production and staff. Our customer service department, engineers, fabrication and production staff, quality assurance and order specialists work together under one roof. The result is unmatched attention to detail and customization at every level.

Our Facility - Working on a frame

While the facility is not open to the public, you’re welcome to contact us to make an appointment to see our showroom. We do ask that you bring someone to assist you if you require help transferring in or out of the chairs or handcycles.

Behind the scenes, our process begins when an order is submitted. Our review team checks to make sure all orders are complete and that customizations are compatible. The order management system tracks your product from start to finish, ensuring that every customization and feature matches your exact specifications.

An unbelievable amount of craftsmanship goes into the production of each chair and handcycle at Invacare Top End. Each member of the welding team specializes in specific products, from racing cycles to everyday wheelchairs.

Our Facility - A completed handcycle

Our team works together from start to finish to create products built to perform to specific needs. The powder coat paint is applied and then cured using a massive oven. Even our upholstery and wheels are built in-house because each product is custom built and uses unique wheel and tire combinations.

During the QA process, if a wheelchair does not meet exact specifications, it never leaves the production floor. It’s completely remade. That’s the commitment we make to our clients. That’s how a winning product is born. Let us make something for you.

Our Facility - A finished chair