funding for adaptive sports equipment

Investing in your child’s adaptive sports equipment can be expensive. But whether they are involved in competitive sports or just want to have fun on a bike, you can make the right equipment happen with some creativity and energy. Through sources like grants and fundraising, your child may be able to get the adaptive sports equipment that improves their quality of life.

Tips for Success: Applying for a Grant

Adaptive sports equipment can be expensive, especially when you begin to compete at a higher level and require more specialized sports wheelchairs. Applying for grants is one way to get the funding you need, but the space can be competitive. Your application needs to be the best it can be to get the funds you need to compete.

Sports empower children to stay mentally and physically healthy. Physical activity keeps kids active, builds confidence, and introduces them to new friends. Despite knowing the importance of physical activity for children with disabilities, it can be difficult to decide which type of sports wheelchair to buy.

history of wheelchair basketball

The History of Wheelchair Basketball

With the popularity of wheelchair basketball today, you’d never guess it only began in the 1940s. How did the sport begin, and how did it make its way to an international level? Let’s take a look back at the history of wheelchair basketball.

basketball wheelchair

Just as other sports require participants to use certain equipment and skills, wheelchair sports require a certain set of equipment and skills. Whether you are a beginner looking to start playing wheelchair basketball, advanced in your skills, or even a professional, we can help you choose the wheelchair that is right for you.

5 Adaptive Winter Sports to Try

Winter can be fun if you get out and enjoy this time of year! Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, sled hockey, or even curling are some of the activities that can be enjoyed during cold weather.

How to Start Children in Handcycling

Handcycling offers wonderful opportunities for kids to interact with their friends, have tons of fun, increase their self-confidence and get a dose of exercise which reinforces a healthy lifestyle. All great benefits that parents want for their children!

Most kids are not shy about trying something new, especially if it is easy for them to learn and fun to do. Handcycling has a very low learning curve so it is an ideal sport or activity to start them on their sports and recreation journey to stay fit and active. Each time I see a kid try out a handcycle for the first time with their proud parents looking on at one of the nationwide Abilities Expos, I can’t help but smile and feel rewarded to see their excited “I can do this” reaction to the experience!

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