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Our Chairs

Top End, just as the name implies, is all about performance. We are on top from our high performance rigid everyday chairs to our sports products for racing, basketball, tennis, handcycling and lots of other sports. This is because we have been making sports and recreation products since 1986, specializing first in racing chairs, then on to sport specific chairs designed for basketball, quad rugby and tennis.

We have been pushing the design envelope for handcycles since 1990 and now offer the widest range of handcycles available. With the help of our athletes and customers we deliver what people want. Chris Peterson is the product design talent behind the success of Top End and is one of the company founders. With the help of our design engineer, Paul Schulte, (aka one of the best wheelchair basketball players in the world) they take it to the next level using the latest materials, technology and components. Plus our chairs are custom built to your exact specifications for both fit, function and performance. Plus they are everyday or sports specific, position specific and person specific. Special requests are common here-no worries! Click on a chair category below for more information.

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